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The Main Types of Proper Lighting in Homes

A proper lighting of your home is not just a matter of connecting cables in a correct way. The thing is a lot wider than it can seem. With the help of properly chosen lights, you can change the way your home looks. Besides that, the matter of properly chosen lighting devices is also a matter of your health. If you lack light at your working place or direct it in a wrong way, your eyes will suffer greatly. Combined with the harmful impact of computer screens, the improper lighting can be a real disaster for your eyes. So, let’s try to find out the main principles of lighting and the ways it can influence your health.

The Four Main Types

There are four main types of lighting, but, as a rule, only three types can be seen in homes. The first one is general lighting. In this case, light covers the whole space. Lighting devices are located regularly, and the light they give is evenly dispersed. If the source of light is localized in a certain point, some places will be lighted better, but, in general, the whole room will be lighted without deep shadows. The most common example of this lighting is a ceiling light located in the middle of the ceiling. The second type of lighting involves local lighting devices that are installed in particular places. These can be desk or bedside lamps, lights installed above a kitchen stove or a sink, accent lights that are used only on separate parts of a wall, etc. Combined lighting options make the third type: this one is the most popular among all the mentioned. The fourth type is called breakdown lights and they are very rare in homes. Breakdown lights are usually turned on automatically and fed by a separate generator of electricity. All these types involve lighting devices of any possible shape and capability. They can be seen in offline shops and at online resources like or others. As a rule, such resources allow everybody to choose lights that would suit the interior and give enough light to save the eyesight.

How Much Light You Need

Depending on the type of lamps used in them and their own construction, lighting devices can give different types of light. There are luminescent lamps that should better be used in small desk lamps because their bright light can be annoying. Halogen lamps have to be covered with special protective shades as their spectrum can harm the eyes. So, to keep your eyes healthy you should better look through informational resources and calculate the amount of light you need for each square foot of your home.


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